Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Little Black Dress (LBD): A Must-Have

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LBD. That little black dress- it symbolizes elegance, sophistication, simplicity, freedom and empowerment. Of all the different dresses and fashion styles that women have, it is a must for them to have at least one little black dress. Aside from the convenience of easily pairing the little black dress with shoes and accessories, there is a certain air of elegance and sophistication to wearing a little black dress. They are always in style and it can be used in various occasions like dinner parties or other more formal events.

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A more popular name for the little black dress is cocktail dress or evening dress. While this dress has been around for a long time, it is only in the last few decades where this fashion piece has become one of the most important. According to the experts in fashion, the “LBD” originated from Coco Chanel with her 1920 designs of little black dresses that are intended to affordable, versatile, long-lasting and available in the wide market. Aside from Coco, Audrey Hepburn has also been an inspiration for the popularity of the dress. Today, one can see many Hollywood celebrities sporting it.

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LBD is the considered as a fashion rule. A women’s fashion would not be complete without the little black dress. This is because the LBD is the staple for fashion. Therefore, every woman should own a black dress that is simple yet elegant. Life is not complete for a girl without a little black dress. So go ahead and buy one. For guys out there, this is your cue. If you are thinking of a gift for us, the LBD would be highly appreciated.

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