Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Kim Kardashian and Gabriel Aubry are over, and she threw him out

I told you not last long. Life & Style reports that Kim Kardashian and Gabriel Aubry are ready, and that Kim was restored. According to sources, Kim thought it referred only to "help" "glory." Um ... What? Of course, leaning on the level of consciousness (often Gabe scandalous materials, such as Kim "Baby Daddy Halle Berry), but I think Kim is undoubtedly" famewhoring remains the de facto celebrity. "What if the drawer. I'm glad it's over. Supposedly.


budding romance with model Kim Kardashian, Gabriel Aubry, as suddenly as it began to Life & Style can not identify abandoned.

"Kim feels like Gabriel was only used for His glory," the late prime Kim says Life & Style. Moreover, Gabriel, 34, is older that looks like Kim, "the source said." They therefore decided to do. "


Kim wasted no time in regrets. She began with Chris Humphreys, a basketball player 25 years for the New Jersey Nets.


"Kim loves you more than Gabrielle," a connoisseur of life and style. "Okay, the funny and cute. It's perfect for what Kim wants now some fun and moments of pleasure." And, of course, the athlete, the training models for the autumn Kim Scots.


So how serious they are? Duo went to lunch day at the restaurant Nobu in New York recently and saw Chris Kim play in Newark, New Jersey, November 29, then after the game to hang. But it was the star of 30 years is just a trip to New Jersey, the couple is that on 05 December at the bar of Maxwell was in Hoboken, New Jersey restaurants. Kim, who watch their weight, as he was filming in New York, the order (hold the bread), salad with goat cheese and a veggie burger!


"This is a real dynamic between them," the source added.

[From Life & Style]

You know what surprised me? Chris Humphries such white too! I am sure that Kim will be back with the boys in black. UPDATE: Oh, I said it was bi-racial. This makes sense.Is racist? I do not think - Kim seems to date black guys too.

It is shaped. But it seems that the exchange rate - the first gift, and now this kind of Chris. At least one athlete - like his type. And especially the "type" Kim crowded theater. You and Gabe are simply not enough drama among them - are expected to be out of control Baller.


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