Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Suri Cruise is a Fashionista

It’s the Suri Fashion!

suri cruise in shades @

I can consider Suri Cruise as the most stylish celebrity tot in Hollywood. Of course, everybody knows that Suri is the daughter of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes. The popularity of Suri is evident as Forbes listed her as one the most influential celebrity tots. At a young age, Suri has graced various magazine covers.

suri cruise wardrobeWithout the stylish dresses and accessories, I believe that Suri will still be a reflection of beauty. I consider her hair as her best accessory. But with her multi-million wardrobe, Suri undeniably stands out from the rest of Hollywood babies.

Suri Cruise in White Coat @

While Katie Holmes is a designer, you might be surprised that it is Suri herself who chooses and picks the clothes as well as accessories that she will wear. As a matter of fact, even Suri has a say on the clothes worn by his father, Tom Cruise!
Suri Curise in Burberry @

Suri Cruise is a Doll!

suri cruise doll @

Suri Cruise is adorable @

Suri Cruise is in serious competition here. Just look on the picture below wherein Suri is seen rocking the same clothes as Hollywood celebrities like Jennifer Garner and Kate Hudson.
suri cruise serious style @

Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise must be proud parents!
Suri Cruise and tom cruise @ suri cruise and katie holmes @

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