Saturday, September 11, 2010

Jessica Simpson results from Project Runway final judge

Yesterday was a fashion at the end of Project Runway at New York Fashion Week. This happens every season of Project Runway - because at the end of the film, while a mid-season broadcast Project Runway, many, many pages to execute a series of spoilers, which reached the final.

I will not do - because I can not. I am very careful to avoid all the other places, and hopefully not break down all the commentators, the fact that we have.


Since the last time this season of Project Runway - and it took me long enough. I think Epic Bitchface Gretchen, and she did for me. I want a part of the work to failure, and not hard, and I will continue to monitor until it does.


It is not even hate his designs - a designer is good, actually. It's your f-cking attitude. It is in vain, she is a professional, and F-fuck your attitude, do not see how it will be much more in this sector or another.


Not all of them as people! I mean I'm a whore, but I'm not anal retentive about it. And I'm F-cking loved the episode yesterday, when Michael was everything little thing: "I'm assuming with the mind."

But in my opinion, and that's probably very little Spy: Jessica Simpson judge in the final evaluation. That's true. Jessica: "I dress for pregnant women all the time," Simpson.

However, I prefer Jess some other nonsense, "Fashion Girls had" PR - Kristen Bell? "Really?" And next week of January Jones, when designers prefer real and fashion professionals, judges - his criticism is always better. However, I can not wait to see what Jesus said in the final. It should be epic.

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