Friday, April 1, 2011

Lindsay Lohan’s drunken .....

Remember when Lindsay Lohan was at the Betty Ford Hospital, and she and some friends got drunk one night, and when he returned to the clinic, the staff tried Linnocent a breathalyzer test and was Linnocent crack in a drunken rage and gave slap the hell out of workers? Yes, this really happened.

The employee was the dawn of the Netherlands, and then sold her story and was released from the Betty Ford Clinic, and later attacked his mother raised Crackhead Linnocent after paid off.

The case remains open for a while, but DA just decided this week not complain. So Friday, TMZ is holding 911 made ​​two Linnocent and Dawn Holland.

Is ... fascinating. You can listen stammered Linnocent of theatricality, and when the sun hits the track, you can still hear the screams of Lindsay in the background. It's crazy.
Yes ... It makes me very, very crazy. I do not like, "Oh, poor Lindsay, she was an innocent victim." Obviously, this is not the case. It is also clear that the Betty Ford Clinic does not release the entire history of this. Special Events If you recall, Lindsay was a statement that "pass" to leave the facility and hair (as in the hotel bar - really).

Alba said the Sheriff's Office Lindsay and two other men "jumped the fence." So ... I was fine with it. Lindsay broke the rules, and if someone called her, she became enraged and attacked the break.

And Lindsay emptive strike then tried calling 911 and claiming that it was (L) to the innocent victims who do. This is pathetic and disgusting, and I can not believe that Lindsay is away with this shit.

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