Thursday, June 17, 2010

Lindsay Lohan: "The lies that are created, to the detriment of my career"
Want to know how Lindsay Lohan garbage? She has published an exclusive interview with the new Star magazine. It is so bad. In general, the Lohan family seems to prefer the radar for their statements, but from time to time, be lucky and get a quote from U.S. Weekly and People. But this is only one explanation - which is an interview. Guess what to say "our Crackhead sober, what you never had to drink anything, ever, and all those lies are" destroyed his career.
Oh, milkaholic dumb. In his first interview since forced to wear a SCRAM bracelet and less than two weeks after the consumption of the monitor detects a small amount "of alcohol refers Star Lindsay Lohan to have just behind their addiction and his career back on track." Enough is enough, "frustrated the actress said in our June 28" should let the people make me live in peace.
"The Star Party Hard wish above all the idea that they are out of the car like Star broke the news that the SCRAM exploded at dawn on 7 June fell to refute, while on holiday in post Katy Perry MTV Movie Awards bash. I have not touched alcohol or something, "he stressed. He adds: "The lies that [to be compiled is] detrimental to my career." Although Lindsay, financing safe for your make-up or no role in the play of hell porn star Linda Lovelace does, she insists played directly incorporated Bracelet 24 May be, is likely to mean the temptation to give the Hollywood party scene hard hit. "It's a constant battle to stay sober every day faces unveiled," an insider in this article. For the full report and a full interview with Lindsay - and others in your area who do not know - 28 June collect Star today.
[From Star Magazine] Yes, probably would, some of us the benefit of the doubt - be still, Lindsay is not that we'd never heard of something that has a technical problem, and heard I bet SCRAM bracelets are not 100% accurate. If these are not in the mood for it. Lindsay snapped after years of lies, which is always the poor innocent victim of an unfair world full of conspirators, crack heads and those who hate their mission to destroy their lives, many of us are over. Many people make each new story, each new interview, each was Shenanigan see again with a simple "even know what this F-cking crack head mind is so far" ..

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