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Hollywood’s Highest Paid Actresses

The 2010 Highest Paid Hollywood Actresses by Forbes Magazine

Sandra-Bullock_ by

1. Sandra Bullock - $56 million
This amount of money by Sandra Bullock has been derived primarily on her two hit movies – The Blind Side and The Proposal. She may be the highest paid actress but on the other aspect of her life, Sandra is not lucky in love. The same time that she was on top of the world because of box-office movies, the news regarding her break-up with her husband, Jesse James has also surfaced. Bullock eventually overcame this adversity and still gained the respect of the public.

reese witherspoon by

2-3. Reese Witherspoon - $32 million
While Reese has not been on the movies lately, she still gets the second spot. After her last movie, Four Christmases, Reese is reportedly appearing on two movies – How Do You Know and Water for Elephants. The pay for these upcoming movies enabled Reese to earn more than the other more active Hollywood actresses. Reese is also Avon’s ambassador.

Cameron Diaz by

2-3. Cameron Diaz - $32 million
Together with Reese on the second spot is Cameron Diaz. We all know that a great part of the income of Cameron is from the movie Shrek. But aside from this movie, a significant amount of money was also earned by Cameron on her movie with Tom Cruise entitled Knight & Day as well as the upcoming movie with his ex, Justin Timberlake, entitled Bad Teacher.

jennifer-aniston by

4. Jennifer Aniston - $27 million
Because of her numerous romantic comedy films, Jennifer Aniston continues to hit the box office (e.g. The Bounty Hunter, Just Go With It and Love Happens). Aside from her movies, Aniston has lucrative deals with Smartwater and still even earns from the re-runs of Friends.


5. Sarah Jessica Parker - $25 million
When we hear of Sarah Jessica Parker, the first thing that comes to mind is Sex and the City. Indeed, both the series and the movie has helped increased the financial status of Parker. But aside from acting, SJP has diverse sources of income, which includes her line of perfume and the clothing she designs.

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