Thursday, July 8, 2010

Lindsay Lohan: Of tattoos and handwriting

Lilo has a beautiful handwriting and fuck yeah tattoos!

lindsay lohan crying jail @

During the July 6 hearing of Lindsay Lohan, she was seen taking notes as the court reads her sentence. At first, I thought she was just writing nonsense to keep herself busy, but a hi-res photo of her notes reveals that she’s really taking notes! Oh well, Lilo may be a girl of many things, but her handwriting is definitely amazing. Lilo is indeed an expert note-taker. Before all of these drama happened in her life, she was a straight A student in high school. Math and science are the subjects she excels the most in school. What happened Lilo?

Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay has been ordered by the court to submit herself on July 20 for a 90—day jail period. Both Lindsay and her lawyer, Shawn Chapman Holley are disappointed with the sentence given to the case. This has even prompted Attorney Holley to resign from representing Lohan. The picture below shows the fingernails of Lindsay Lohan sending a not-so-discreet message to the judge. Well, with the Fcuk U on her fingernails, I can say Lilo got what she deserved! She just totally made the court look like a joke to her. And with the unruly behavior of Lilo, it’s time for her to go to rehab.

lindsay lohan fuck u tattoos @

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