Friday, September 24, 2010

My Most Hated Person in the World: Speidi

spencer pratt

Speidi is the combined names of Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag. They are the reality stars from the show, The Hills. After starring from this reality series, Heidi Montag, together with her husband, released her solo album which proved to be a flop. Heidi and Spencer eloped and got married in Mexico but after fifteen months of marriage, Heidi has already filed for divorce.

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It’s probably Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt whom I considered as hated by many. I have to be biased here because I also hate them. At first, I thought that when the TV show “The Hills” (where they appear) is finished, I would probably forget and get over them, but it proved me wrong. After the show’s done, the couple’s desperate move to be relevant in the eyes of the public has become even greater. It’s a pity on both of them since they have become desperate for money, fame and power. As what Lady Gaga would say, “fame monsters”. But really, I think they are pathetic individuals whom I should not waste my time writing an entry on my blog about them. But I should do this anyway in order to totally bury them from Hollywood news.

heidi montag plastic surgeries

I am not sure if many people share the same sentiment as I do. But I hope so. LOL. It’s a shame that Heidi has gone to the lowest levels of being fame whore considering that she can act well and that she has the beauty also. I can also consider craziness that she went to multiple and extreme cosmetic surgery in just one day hence nearly becoming robot/rigid doll in appearance. I hate it that she became manipulated by Spencer into various publicity stunts. It’s outrageous! And look at her co-stars in The Hills now – Kristin Cavallari? Lauren Conrad? They have become successful in their own good way.

before and after heidi montag

heidi montag surgeries

heidi-montag-before and after

Because of this, I consider Speidi as my most hated person. More hate than Bai Ling or Kathy Griffin. I’m tire of all the drama about them – all the fabricated stories about divorce, money, heading to splitsville, money, divorce and now sex tapes?!! They will fake all kinds of things so that they can remain in the Hollywood circulation. Stop all the kissing in front of cameras. It’s gross, eeeewww. For the good of everybody, just stop it Speidi!

heidi montag photos

heidi-montag-and plastic sugery

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