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The Boho Chic Part 3: Get that Boho Look

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I have been writing about the boho chic style for the past few days now. We all know now that the boho look is a mix of being hippie, vintage and ethnic pieces. Layering, accessorizing and colorful and max prints are important. This time, I feel the need to give you tips on how to get the Boho look. In order to perfect this look, you need to find balance on the messiness of the outfit. So here’s a few tips to help you become a genuine Bohemian princess like Nicole Richie and Sienna Miller.

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Basically, there are different types of boho-chic styles- the peasant girl, the rugged boho and the bohemian luxe. The peasant girl boho is the ultra feminine version of the style. The usual trademark is the angelic headband, skirts that are long and flowing as well as embroidery and lace materials. The rugged boho, on the other hand, includes a tunic of some sort, cowboy boots and distressed denim cutoffs. The bohemian luxe is considered as the super chic version of the boho styles.

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First off, you need to have extra LARGE fashion outfits and accessories. This means that as long as your are comfortable with it and it looks attractive, go for large dresses, vests and bracelets. Do not forget to have an extra large bag also!Accessories are equally important for the Boho look. For this style, you need to have a couple of rings as well as ‘gympsy’ earrings. What I like about the Bohemian style is that you can put as many jewelries as you like. Bracelets that are printed would always look good for that Boho look. Wooden bracelets are also nice.

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Aside from having everything extra large and printed, being colorful is also a must. Being Boho chic means not worrying about too many colors in the outfit. Among the colors that can do well to get that Boho look are beige, purple, bright blue, orange and brown. Furthermore, in a Boho look, you need to be creative and be ready for DIY outfits. For example, you can add accents live leaves or flowers to an ordinary belt or a skirt. You can even do it with your bags or with your accessories. Tunics would work our just fine on a skirt or pants.

And finally, you just need to be yourself. You don’t have to try too hard to have that Boho chic style. After all, being Boho means being free-spirited. It is a reflection of creativity and individuality. What matters most is that you love your style. Even if this means adding only small boho things to you headbands and necklaces.

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Take a look at the accessories and skirts below to be inspired with the Boho look. I personally love the vintage sterling silver earring as well as the Bohemian Indian red drop earrings. Please do check it out.

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