Friday, September 3, 2010

The Boho Chic Part 2: On Braided Hair

Loose braids are on the loose (Boho Braids)!

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To complete the Boho look, you need to keep your hair braided. But the kind of braiding needs to be the Boho braids, which I otherwise call as the loose braids. If you have seen the photos of various celebs today, you can see them sporting this hair braid. Nicole Richie for one is always having this hairdo. Inded, Boho braids are stylish and pretty especially when dressing up with tank top and shorts, flowing dress or even a flowy strapless gown which can be used in prom or other events. Other hippie chicks like Sienna Miller and the Olsen twins looks gorgeous having this braid.

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Luckily, has given us the step by step process of doing the loose braids.

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Here’s how to create a Boho braid:

  1. Start by blow drying your hair to make your hair nice and straight, which makes it easier to braid. Part your hair in the center when drying it.
  2. Then you want to separate out a 1 inch section on both sides of your hairs part, two inches back from your hairline. Take a 2 inch piece of of hair above each ear, and then clip it out of the way. Pull the rest of your hair back into a low bun. Use bobbi pins to help secure it against the nap of your neck and then tuck in the ends.

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3. Next braid each of the top sections you secured in the beginning, down and then pin the ends of it into your bun. Then braid the side sections you had secured over the top of your head and pin the ends against your head. Last you want to smooth your look with a pomade to avoid frizzies or flyaway hair. Or apply a hairspray to lock in your hairstyle.

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Look, even Paris Hilton is seen sporting this look. Doesn’t she look pretty even with her mugshot?

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Good luck girl! You can do that Boho braid. You can also check out the books below to better guide you in braiding your hair.

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