Saturday, May 8, 2010

Lindsay Lohan blames her crack shenanigans on clumsiness

Star Magazine has a story, a little "sorry for the tragic life of Lindsay Lohan continued. Although her mother refuses, I am pretty sure that Lindsay know a serious and liabilities not how or when you just have money in. live Like Lindsay? How will you pay the rent and associated costs, how will you pay for everything that claims skirt smoke? Star Magazine, with the benefit of its walls cracked were living out. Take clothing brand has (who won or given) and sells them to shops Auto: How else can one preparation is should be considered as an A-Lister? Lindsay Lohan - the $ 600,000 to live in debt - has been used to sell brand clothes, handbags and jewelry given as gifts to his hard-party (commercial) to follow lifestyle. "Lindsay has their parasites carry boxes full of clothing stores and car, as in Uno Entre Rios decades," said one insider. He ended up getting only 20 percent of the retail value, but he managed to get the threshold of about $ 10,000 per month. That's pretty good, considering Lindsay has not paid all of these things first! "[Star Magazine print edition, May 17, 2010] Yes, and showed all of Lindsay and Dinah Entertainment Tonight last night I saw a couple of minutes, but it was painful. Lindsay was very nervous out there, and Dina ... it is simply a terrible mother. At one point, was kind enough to take care not Lindsay do not call her mother a pair of boots, and was just ... ugh. When I told my mother, and she hit me.

But I have a good mother. Dina is not a good mother. Everything was on Lindsay and some organizations for the cleaning of cabinets Dina (she is a broken hoarder too), met but Lindsay and Dina and (video is here): Lindsay Lohan and her mother Dina Lohan by indissoluble bond, and a gift for Mother's Day, Lindsay's mother is given a makeover wardrobe! But first, the tabloid target things Samantha Harris and rumors about problems with drugs and alcohol. Asked if he has a problem with drugs, alcohol or drugs, Lindsay replied: "No, I do not know.

Job. And when I'm with my friends, I am 23 years old and the permission to be granted. I do not do if I work. "Tackling recent tabloid photos of her fall on the road, Lindsay said:" I am the most annoying person in the world. I fall travel a lot.. I'm going on the walls sometimes. "If I do not in order to be? 'Ask the stars.' I'm fine. I'm happy, I work. And I'm good. And I'm surrounded by good friends now. You know, I eliminated a lot of people in my life. "But everyone," chimes in Denmark. "It's like the normal growth is 23" We have a good relationship, "said Lindsay of her mother." We fought like friends do. Is a very strong woman. I have learned a lot. Not all mothers have to read false stories about her daughter.

It is good to know who is sitting next to me. You know what really happened in my life. "We are very misunderstood," says Dina. "And if I read it, it breaks my heart because this is not true. I cry. I'm crying. ... He has the biggest heart of any on the planet." In the bad press, has Lindsay: "I know eighth not. ... The only problem is that it distracts me from finding a job, and if it hurts. Especially if this is not true. ... Everyone goes through ups and downs. I hide nothing. I am an honest person. Can I take it for what it is. I am me. "Must be [From Entertainment Tonight Yes], the bigger problem for Lindsay - except that to be latent milkaholism -" misunderstood. "And no one understands what is this nonsense:" The problem is that I distract from his work and that's when it hurts. Especially if it is not true. "That is true, it hurts and relax? Ugh. Dina And if you stop with the whole" Everyone is like 23 "bullsh-t?.

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