Thursday, May 6, 2010

Britney Spears’ dad still won’t let Britney be alone with her sons of Britney Spears is still not convinced he's healthy. That says something, you know? Since we can make jokes about nipples soft disengaged from the inevitable, and are reluctant to use clips of reason, but I do not see how private. The girl is still crazy? For medical advice at all? I think we should help, because that was the only aspect of the pink wig in its current form is mysterious at the bottom of Britney Candie's. But Jamie believes that Brit still mad enough, at least according to the National Enquirer. report that have not yet Brit Jamie supervised visits with their children. Now Brit begins to bite, because it is the time alone with her children, Britney Spears and her father are at odds again - this time to spend on the stars you like the desperate desire to be alone with their children, sources. Under the conditions of his imprisonment by the court, Britney was an adult when she is with her children - are monitored Sean, 4, and Jayden, 3 The singer believes that in 28 years, she is mature enough to care for their children alone during their visit.

"Britney is angry that trust can not be left unattended to take care of the children," reveals an insider. "They come screaming matches with her father Jamie, because they do not have the time with their children alone, without bodyguards, babysitter or family member." Tired of guard, and the fear that their children do not feel it as their age, because there are always other adults around. "The singer is suffering also advise how they educate their children, and often came from the same source." The little things of all - how it is said, that children should eat. Britney has always had junk-food happy, and she sees nothing wrong with pizza always carry-out or hamburgers for the kids, "said the source." If your parents or a babysitter recommend that children not eat fast food Well, that's Britney viewed as interference and suffers. "Britney's ex-husband Kevin Federline has sole custody of the children after they do become victims of a burglary, the track in January 2008. In the accident, Jayden hostage was in the bathroom of his hotel in Beverly Hills, and the police stop him . help Spears in a mental area to the end and ordered a court of guardianship, the father responsible for your money, your consulting expertise and personal life.
After his world tour "successful" Circus Britney convinced that the restrictions would be lifted . However, this protection was extended indefinitely had them crushed. But the extension was good news for Federline, said the source. "Never Trust Kevin Spears decisions when it comes to guys. Never place regularly, and their diets are bad. There were times when they eat the fat from fast food to 10 hours, the source said. Meanwhile, Britney is totally frustrated."
He believes the whole time, we observe that nothing is normal, "the source said." If it comes to decisions about the children of his father, Kevin, also the location of the aid - and rejected because of Britney and her father. "[From] National Enquirer history, my heart breaks a little, I'm just glad that Jamie K-Fed and her feet lay against children. After all, quite comfortable with Britney, after, or what your child unattended!, I am not sure that it is ready. That is, I think it's a good goal, and although I have doubts about his ability to motherhood, I have no doubt she loves her children ..

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