Monday, July 5, 2010

Paris Hilton is not in South Africa, the world will be arrested today in anger against South Africa

Friday night, everyone was happy because it was the news that Paris Hilton was arrested in South Africa and, perhaps, for possession of marijuana. Our dreams of a night express the style of Paris ended quickly, but within hours, police in South Africa has formally apologized Paris - is that she has someone from smoking marijuana, and Paris itself was caught in the net pot, and then released . Standing in Paris for the bullsh-t as well: According to a South African court was brought against marijuana Paris Hilton, the heiress, 29, has a Twitter page to reassure his fans that "everything is in order." "I had nothing to do," he chirped. "... There are many voices around me crazy. I want everyone to know the truth. Everything is perfect. It has not been charged or arrested, because I did nothing. I helped the police with inquiries and answer your questions. Everyone was super nice and friendly. I love South Africa! A wonderful place, especially during the World Cup! I hope that everything is approved. Lord, we thank you for your concern. Xoxo P. Hilton was outside of Brazil to the Netherlands in the quarterfinals of the Nelson Mandela Bay stadium escorted Friday. Hilton interviewed by the police for being, "said his agent" It is a different entity in the group is doing that. The case against Paris was interrupted and no charges should be made. The authorities have apologized for accusing her unfairly because they are nothing to do with the incident.

"[From Us Weekly] Of course it is not likely the end. Because Paris has a new vision of what became aware of any fact. Is it still relevant! "That's not fair that people talk a few hours, it did not happen long ago. What makes your tweets fun - when to see on this Article cultural map - in the context where your ass to Paris, Paris Hilton is at least as intelligent as a businessman Donald Trump and George Steinbrenner (and that's - Trump or call one of Steinbrenner who had both parents in a Paris mega-rich.) Paris, was built in a strong global brand - without the name.

It is not known because it is a Hilton. It is famous because she is in Paris. It is somewhat difficult to achieve, requiring much capacity each child once blond will probably never possess. Yes, Paris is always wiser than I was thinking. What made her arrest for possession of marijuana in the World Cup at hard to believe from the start. (It is not difficult to imagine that Paris smoking pot, so in the middle is the biggest event in the world of sports in public, getting caught quite open about which part was doubtful. Also in Paris is not stupid). Therefore not surprising that all charges against Hilton were only a few hours after the accident. Of course, since then the names of Paris Hilton and imprisonment in the news was all over the world on the Internet. The South African Police Service has the unusual step of apologizing to go out and Hilton for the misunderstanding, but that's not really enough. Paris had discovered his name in the international press for something that had nothing to do.

Jennifer Rovero - a former Playmate, who works as a photographer in Paris (yes, Paris Playmates with regular jobs in their communities) - to a prison sentence of marijuana and told to pay $ 1,000 to or spend 30 days in jail. Regardless of whether you think it is fair to cover his head or not Rovero (unlikely), imagine if a victory or a Steinbrenner were in the same situation? Could banged his fist on a podium at a press conference to ask to pay someone. Paris? Tweets you only sweeter "Hey guys, there are many voices around me crazy. I want everyone to know the truth. Everything is perfect. It has not been charged or arrested, because I have nothing." This is Paris Hilton, bright and forgiveness.


[Culture Map] For the love of God, Jesus Brilliant? I can not with this sh-t. We can now continue to ignore?.


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