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Harem in Spring Fashion

Harems Pants: To Wear or Not to Wear

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For the eccentric fashionista, the harem pants are not new to them. While I am not that stylish, this pants has an appeal to me. I fell like it reflects a sense of being independent, “boho” and unique. While it is trendy, it is a bit tricky to pull it off. Various celebrities has been seen rocking this piece of clothing. And kudos to them because the harem trend is resurfacing again! Even in fashion runway and ads,the harem has become a fashion statement. Big names like Calvin Klein, Vera Wang, Miss Sixty and many more in the fashion industry

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They say that the harem pants was derived from the hammer pants. As a matter of fact, many calls it as the hammer pants – a tribute to MC Hammer, who popularized the harem pants in the 1980s. This kind of pants is believed to be derived from a piece of clothing in India - a mixture a skirt and skinny jeans. While some may call it ugly, I believe that when one knows how to wear it right, then it becomes highly fashionable.
Here’s a few of the list of Hollywood celebrities who can pull off the harem pants perfectly!
Rachel Bilson
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Rihanna and Diane Kruger
rihanna harem pants by rihanna-and-diane-kruger-harem-pants
Keri Hilson
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Katerina Graham
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Alicia Keys
Alicia Keys leaving Hyatt Hotel on her way to German TV show "Wetten Dass..." at O2 World arenaBerlin, Germany - 08.11.08Credit: WENN
Joy Bryant
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As I see the celebrities rocking the harem pants, it does not only remind me of MC Hammer but as well as my childhood fairy tales – Aladdin and the genie. While it is a bit difficult for this clothing to pull it off, it’s worth to try. I guarantee you, you will satisfied. With high confidence, you can make harem pants look like its hot and chic to wear. This will set you apart from the pack. Just never say never. You go girl!
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