Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Lindsay Lohan hired as 'artistic advisor.' Why not?


It’s really easy to just brush this off with the traditional “Lohan sucks!” response, but I think there’s a chance she has some talent at fashion. I don’t care for any of her style myself, but it seems like she’s still a trendsetter and people are paying attention. And she’s paying attention to everyone else too – or at least what they’re wearing.


It may work for Lohan. I think she’s probably taking some big leaps in terms of her claims of overseeing things and whatnot, and if this is anything like a traditional job I’m guessing she’s going to have to tone it down. But this could turn into something where Lindsay really ends up surprising us. Clearly she’s got some issues with self-esteem – I’d imagine it could only help if Lindsay finds her niche and does well at something. Or maybe she’ll rob Ungaro of all their jewelry and furs, who knows. But I think this is the best opportunity she’s been given in long, long time.


Lindsay Lohan isn’t just using a Machete for work these days. She’s using a needle and thread. The leggings designer has been tapped as the artistic advisor of much-lauded fashion line Emanuel Ungaro. Forget funky Fornarina ads. The starlet will be collaborating with the label’s newly appointed chief designer Estrella Archs to put together the looks for the 2010 spring/summer collection, which will walk the runway Oct. 4 at Paris Fashion Week.


“Twenty-first century muses are extroverts whose personal style and experience gives them a strong creative and artistic focus. Thus was our vision of combining the eye of a fashion creator with the eye of the ultimate luxury consumer, a celebrity,” Mounir Moufarrige, president of Emanuel Ungaro worldwide, says in a statement. “Mr. Ungaro’s success was based on his genius for design and his controversial eye to whom his consumer was. Lindsay is a world consumer with a clear eye for fashion.”


Ahhh, so it was clarity that created those lips. However, apparently the starlet and the seasoned clothing creator are already clashin’ for fashion… LiLo tells WWD she “kind of oversees everything [Archs] does, while working with her. Different generations have different ideas.”… “Have you ever met two women who agree completely about fashion?” Archs asks the trade pub.


Unlike rumors surrounding some of her other gigs, the Mean Girls queen promises to give the project her very best. “When I’m involved in a project, I give my all to it,” she says. “I feel like there’s a correlation between everything I do, whether it’s pop music or film. I’ve always played a big part in what I wear, the costumes. Clothing is something that’s so expressive in so many ways. It really interests me. To be in a position where I’m working with a fashion house in Paris sets it apart from every other celebrity brand.”


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