Friday, August 7, 2009

Britney Spears shows off her great bikini body


Britney Spears showed off her newly perfected bikini body at a video shoot yesterday. And I’ve got to say, I think she looks as good as she ever has – ever. Brit lost a ton of weight last year in preparation for her Circus world tour. As a result, everyone’s been examining every inch of her body, especially in her concert photos where she was often wearing midriff-revealing outfits – sometimes will sitting. Very few of us ladies can avoid the sitting fat. So there was a little bit of scuttle with people commenting that she’d started packing on the pounds again, but that seems to be the opposite of the truth – she’s definitely toned up even more in the last month.


Britney Spears has had to battle to regain her former glory, putting herself through punishing dance workouts and hours of rehearsals.

But yesterday, dressed in a Fifties style white bikini, huge black hat, and red platform heels, the mother of two looked better than ever as she filmed an advert for a magazine at the Ritz Carlton hotel in Los Angeles.


Britney showed off her trim physique as she strutted by the pool at the five star hotel in an outfit which took its style cues from old Hollywood glamour.

Wearing hipster style bikini pants, a huge sun hat and glasses, Britney recreated an iconic pin-up look. And the expensive jewels around her neck and wrist completed the look.

The singer whose comeback has been sealed with seven nominations at the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards looked relaxed as technicians buzzed around her while she waited to start filming


I should also point out that the photos below have obviously not been retouched. It’s essentially useless to comment on a celebrity’s body in any print form, as they’ve always been Photoshopped to a near Barbie extent. But this is how Brit actually looks, and it’s damn good. The whole ensemble - from the bikini to the hat to the heels – is well put together and very flattering.


Britney’s also getting an award at the Teen Choice Awards this weekend for “extraordinary contributions to the entertainment industry.” I think that’s basically their way of ensuring she at gets some kind of award this year – she’s collected more than any other female artist over the years. I tend to think it’s like a “most improved” encouraging, stick with it kind of award. I’m sure she’s got plenty of other reasons to keep on working hard – amongst other things, she sees the payoff in the mirror.


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