Saturday, April 11, 2009

Heidi Montag still raping/murdering music


Here's Heidi Montag filming her new video last night for "Your Love Found Me." And by filming I mean she stood outside a restaurant while Spencer held a video camera, so you know it's gonna be awesome. That said, I came up with my own video concept that I think will really "raise the roof":


Zoom in on Heidi seductively taking a bath. CD player perched just above the water. In comes Spencer who decides to join his true love. As he enters the tub he accidentally knocks in the stereo frying them both instantly. No special effects, 100% reality. Pretty much only one take.

BOOM! Instant classic. If I had children, I'd gather them all on my lap and watch this video every morning on Christmas, that's how classic it would be. So, should I start the water?

Audio after the jump.


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