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Hollywood Celebrity Jennifer's

Jennifer, Jennifer, Jennifer...

This morning, while I was checking on the latest gossip, I stumbled upon the realization that there are too many Jennifers in world of entertainement. Ok, maybe this is common, but I was just startled at the moment that majority of the people of the gossip headlines today are named Jennifer (e.g. Jennifer Lopez, Jennifer Garner, Jennifer Aniston, etc.).

Because of this, I decided to compile all the Jennifers that I know. I thought it would be great to determine the personalities of the differnet Jennifers in Hollywood. So, I will start with Jennifer Garner, who is my favorite among the different Jennifers. Ever since giving birth with her daughter, Violet, I began to really admire Garner.


Jennifer Anne Garner is best known for her role in the TV series ALIAS, which is created by J.J. Abrams. Becuase of this show, she received various awards and nominations in different award-giving bodies. With the show's sucess, she was able to acquire great film projects like Juno, Daredevil, Catch Me if You Can, Pearl Harbor, Catch and Release, Dude, Where's my Car?, Elektra, 13 Going 30, The Kingdom and many more. Jennifer is currently married to Ben Affleck. They have a daughter named Violet and are currently expecting another child. Way to go Jen!

(From left to right: Jennifer at an Awards show; Jen with her husband, Ben Affleck; Jen with daughther Violet).



Another Jennifer on the list is Jennifer Joana Aniston. Jennifer has become popular with the hit TV show, Friends. She has received ton of awards from this show. Aside from this hit show, Aniston also became popular because of the various movies which she starred in. Most of them were comedies like Office Space, The Break-Up, Bruce Almighty, Along Came Polly and Rumor Has It.

But what made Jen more popular is her relationship with Brad Pitt. Their marriage was highly publicized and that it came in surprise that they last for a considerable long time. But their separation last 2005 was such a stir that Jen was once again highly controversial. During this time, it seemed to be that the world had sympathized with Jen, especially because of the sudden romantic relationship between Brad and Angelina Jolie (Angie denied these rumors of adultery though). But after all these events, Jen moved on with her life and is now with John Mayer.



Jennifer Lynn Lopez is probably the most versatile celebrity. She is an actress, dancer, singer, fashion designer, songwriter, television producer and even a record producer. Her success in life is evident with her many awards from singing to acting. And in terms of wealth, she has been considered as one of the richest, especially when it comes to her standing as a Latin American descent in Hollywood.

In terms of love life, Jennifer Lopez has something in common with Jennifer Garner- it’s Ben Affleck. Before Ben became the husband of Garner, he was into a romantic relationship with Jennifer Lopez. In fact, Lopez and Affleck were already engaged. It was only hours before their wedding when they decided to call it off. After the break-up, our J.Lo has moved on to Marc Anthony, who is her third and current husband. And last February 2008, she gave birth to two beautiful twins named Max and Emme.


Jennifer Love Hewiit is an actress, singer and a song writer. What can I say with her? Her film and music career are both okay. I believe her acting career is more pronounced than her singing. But usually, Hewitt is able to integrate her music and the film into one. Her song, which she wrote herself, is made as the soundtrack for her film projects. For instance, in her movie, “I Know What You Did Last Summer,” she recorded the single “How Do I Deal” to become the soundtrack. Isn’t it nice?

In terms of magazine listings, Hewitt is usually included in sexy magazine like FHM and Maxim. From 1997 up to the present, she has constantly been included on the list of FHM’s 100 Sexiest Women in the world. Even TV Guide rated her as the “Sexiest on TV.” With her long stay in the world of Hollywood entertainment, Hewitt did not cause much stir especially among the paparazzi. It was only during the fateful day of November 2007 when she became the talk of the town. This is because of the pictures taken by the paparazzi while she vacationing in Hawaii with her fiancĂ© Ross McCall, wherein it shows a plumper body of hers. It created such a stir especially on the Internet.

Jennifer Beals is also an American actress who is best known for her role in “Flashdance” as Alexandra Owens. Remarkably, Beals is also a cast of “The L Word” show, which is lesbian-themed. Honestly, I only came to know Beals with this show. Even though she has appeared in many projects, I applaud her in playing the role of lesbian in this drama series.


Jennifer Jason Leigh or Jennifer L. Morrow is one of the best American actors that one can ever claim. She has won numerous awards, more remarkably from Golden Globe and NYFCC. She is one of the actresses who do not only have a unique beauty but as well as an extraordinary talent. Leigh appeared and starred in various films. And on her mature roles, Jennifer leaned towards the roles that portray neurotic, damaged and fragile characters. It was on 1990 when she got her breakthrough through her portrayal of a prostitute on her films, “Last Exit to Brooklyn” and “Miami Blues.” Eventually, she was able to acquire projects that even put her to the higher level of acting.



Jennifer Kate Hudson is an American Idol finalist during its third season. Even though she did not win in the competition, she landed a good acting career. In 2006, she became the star of the motion picture adaptation of the musical ‘Dreamgirls’ which gave her numerous awards from various sources like the Golden Globe, SAG Award, Academy Award and BAFTA. Hudson is still new in the industry, but she has already proved herself. She have won majority of the awards she’s been nominated to. On her recording career, Hudson is working on her debut album which will be released on September 2008.

Moreover, Hudson is also applauded on her sense of fashion. Although she is relatively "healthy," she has a way of dressing like there's nothing to hide. And I salute her for that. She her own sense of style that makes her stand out from the crowd.



I still can remember Jennifer Paige because she was then my favorite when I was a teenager, because of her song “Crush”. Who doesn’t know that song anyway. There’s little that I can say about Paige because she has not been in circulation for several years already. Because of her face and talent, Paige was able to produce good music. Her songs would compete to the Billboard .especially during her debut album. After being absent for a log time in the music industry, Jennifer has now release her new album entitled “Best Kept Secret.”

So, with all the Jennifers in the world of Hollywood, who among them is your favorite?

Let me know...

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