Monday, May 31, 2010

Lindsay Lohan is a delusional narcissist fasting

I know, I know. Two stories depending on crack today. What can I do, I just saw these pictures of Lindsay walking in the financing of the campaign yesterday. After Fame Pictures, the new girlfriend of Lindsay Lohan continues its mission, so that only soft drinks, such as leaves Fred Segal in Santa Monica, CA 27th May 2010, Hide with a flamed orange juice over jeans SCRAM ankle bracelet with discretion. "Meanwhile, Lindsay clubs in the last two nights has gone.


TMZ reported yesterday that Lindsay was up to 2 bar clock on Wednesday evening and this morning told People magazine that Lindsay was hopping New - no alcohol, but he looks nothing like a hole - not even an ankle bracelet monitoring can keep Lindsay Lohan on the club. taken with her new blonde hair, the star in Las Palmas in Los Angeles, clad in jeans and a hat. Laughter and smoke all night, avoiding alcohol and Lohan was honored with his group of friends. Lohan even danced around his office, Britney Spears sings during the busy evening.

[In] The people who go to clubs with Lindsay these people are? I mean, what is the budget? It's like the Boys Club to do with anything better? However, Lindsay has to notify his probation officer every night on the phone - the poor devil. Lindsay seems, is now at the Los Angeles club scene in Los Angeles, make sure that you want to use something beautiful, and tied everything wrong with the SCRAM bracelet. Then, at midnight last night, Lindsay foot "Chanel can please help me for stickers to put on my wrist so I can at least SCRAM wear a nice dress?" Hello? "X". A small hole. [From Twitter Lindsay] What is the Stone Cold Sober also (apparently), Lindsay is still a delusional narcissist, who is sitting around the creation of theater, break a whimper and F-cking idiot. At one point we must realize that this is a F-cking is personality. Speaking of his lies, said, remembers Johnny Depp came in and said goodbye? LaineyGossip denies that bullsh-t. And here a picture courtesy of Gawker pleasure - Lindsay is with the awarding of the "hide". There are, like, a million of them. It's funny when he says he does not want to be photographed ..

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